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Do you have some scrap metal? – we offer the best prices and are one of the leading and largest scrap yards in Wales / Shropshire. If you are looking for a scrap yard Aberystwyth then we are sure to be able to collect your metal or scrap car and pay top prices.

Contact us by phone or complete our quick form below – we’ll get in touch an arrnage a convenient time that we can collect your scrap car Aberystwyth. Based in Shrewsbury our large scrap yard caters for all types of scrap metal and over the many years we have customers from across the whole of Shropshire.

We are fully licenced – which means that we can legally scrap metal and cars and provide you with the documents that you must have when you scrap a vehicle. As a scrap yard Aberystwyth you do not need to contact several places and the DVLA to sort the scrapping of your car, we can do and provide all the paper work that you must have.

We do need photo ID – this is a legal requirment and every scrap dealer in the UK must know have a record of this and cannot pay out cash. If you have some scrap metal and would like to find out how much it is worth then give us a call today!

Feel free to call us on 01743 443653 or complete below:


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    Scrap Dealers Act – as of October 2013 you cannot be paid in cash
    for scrap metal and require photo ID. This is a nationwide law
    all legal dealer have follow.