Scrap Dealers Dorrington

We have been established for many years and are fully registered scrap dealers Dorrington – not far from Dorrington we have a huge yard in Shrewsbury Centre and offer the best prices for all scrap metal and scrap cars.

Whether you have a scrap car Dorrington or some metal that you need to get rid of – why not turn your scrap into money! It may be worth more than you think so feel free to call us and ask for a rough idea of its value.

We comply with all regulations and as recent as October 2013 there is a new “Scrap Dealers Act 2013” – by law we now need photo ID and cannot pay out in cash.

Find our the value of your car now! – complete below…


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  • “Best prices for scrap cars and metal!”
    Large central scrap yard in Shropshire.

    CALL US ON: 01743-443653

    Depending on what type of scrap metal you have we may be able to collect this from you – drop us an email or call us now to find out if this is possible.

    As scrap dealers near Dorrington we work with local charities and offer a scheme where you can donate the value of your scrap to local a local charity of your choice. Find out more here: ‘Scrap 4 Charity