Scrap 4 Charity

Have some scrap metal or a car lying around? Why not donate this to charity and help a local cause! | Register Your Charity!Add Widget!

“Scrap 4 Charity” is our new initiative where you can turn your scrap metal or car into a donation for a charity of your choice.

The whole process is simple and easy:

1) You bring your scrap metal to us…

2) We value it and you can pick full or half donation…

3) We make the donation on your behalf to your chosen charity, and you receive a receipt to confirm!

Is easy as that – just bring your scrap and donate to charity!

You can choose any charity or from the list of local charities that we work with!


(we are currently in the process of adding more logos and charities!)

For more information either visit us at the yard, or contact us here.

If you are a charity and wish to be a part of our ‘Scrap 4 Charity’ then please get in touch here.