Copper Granules

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  • The copper is obtained principally from cables and wires.
  • Granulation can be achieved by wet or dry processes
  • Jarvis Metals, offer a process that functions at maximum efficiency.
  • All of our copper granules for sale must pass strict quality.
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Copper Granules
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Recycling, not only keeps landfill sites from filling up unnecessarily, it also liberates materials from a previous form so that they can be reused in something else. This reduces the need to keep mining or obtaining more of certain materials, processes which often have detrimental bi-products and negative environmental effects. One of the principal material that can be recycled is copper as it is one of the non-ferrous metals with the highest value. All recycled copper granules for sale have passed through a rigorous process to ensure their purity and aptness to be used in new products.

The copper is obtained principally from cables and wires, but it can also be found in other scrap sources, such as end-of -life vehicles, transformers and catalytic converters. The price paid for these scrap articles depends on the quantity and the grading of the copper within based on the percentage of copper it contains, and all products are first graded to determine the value based on these criteria. Once the cable has been sampled and graded it is now either stripped or shredded.  Larger diameter cables are stripped to remove the lead in lead covered copper cables using a special stripping machine which can strip up to 30-metres per minute. A shredding process is used to obtain the steel which envelops the copper in steel armoured cables and to reduce the size.

With smaller diameter cables, normally less than 40-mm, a granulation process is employed. Granulation is a process used to liberate metals from the plastic insulation or jacketing which surrounds them and fine granulation is required to extract as much metal as possible.

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Granulation can be achieved by wet or dry processes. The wet granulation method consists of mixing copper wire scrap, with, usually water or ethanol, or any liquid which contains any non-toxic volatile solvent that can be removed by drying. The density separation technique uses a series of flotation tanks to separate the materials depending on their atomic weights.

Dry granulation processes use a crushing process followed by an air shaker or electrostatic separation. The first crushing process reduces the scrap copper cable to around 10-mm and the second crusher reduces it to between 3 and 5-mm.  Other dry separation processes include magnetic and induced current separation which can be used to identify and eject metal pieces in the material stream.

X-ray and colour separation which can isolate and separate individual components from the material stream. The final plastic residue can be subjected to a further final separating process to render it usable as if it were a new plastic in manufacturing processes and to extract any last metal remnants. Not only copper can be retrieved from recycling copper cable. It is also possible to obtain steel, lead, and plastic from almost any type of copper cable, including scrap cable, Aluminium cable, Flex and data cables, household cable, steel armoured cable, stripped or insulated copper cable. However, the principal end products of this process are plastic pellets, which can be used in making new plastic products, and copper granules.

By using the latest technology and having our own granulator on site in Shropshire, we, at Jarvis Metals, offer a process that functions at maximum efficiency and where emissions are minimised. This ensures an end product of the highest purity which has not been contaminated by any type of impurity at any stage of the process.  The end products are known as Bright copper granules, when the copper content is from 99 to 99.9-percent, and mixed copper granules, when the copper content is from 90 to 94-percent.  All of our copper granules for sale must pass strict quality and contamination regulations and the copper granules we sell are of the highest quality.

At Jarvis Metals in Shropshire the copper granules for sale and guaranteed to be of the highest quality and ready to be used in smelting new products and materials.

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