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Price of Scrap Copper Pipes Shrewsbury Shropshire

The price of scrap copper pipes varies, but they are certainly worth money, and, so worth scrapping. At Jarvis Metals we will pay you the top price for your scrap copper pipes in Shropshire.

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Zinc Scrap Price Shrewsbury Shropshire

As zinc scrap price can vary, bring your scrap zinc to us at Jarvis Metals, and be sure of getting the best price. We will pay you the current market value of your scrap zinc and other metals.

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Scrap Radiators Shrewsbury Shropshire

Scrap radiators are worth money. How much, will depend on the type of radiator and what it is made of. At Jarvis Metals we receive both car radiators and house radiators for scrap, and we guarantee you the best price for scrap radiators in Shropshire.

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Scrap Wire Prices Shrewsbury Shropshire

Scrap wire prices vary depending on whether you are selling it stripped or unstripped. At Jarvis Metals you can get the top scrap wire prices for both your stripped and unstripped wires. We will pay the top current price for bright bare copper wire.

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Scrap Washing Machines Shrewsbury Shropshire

Scrap Washing Machines contain various parts and metals that have a scrap value. At Jarvis Metals Ltd, we guarantee you the best price paid for scrap washing machines in Shropshire.

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Sell Gold Silver Shrewsbury Shropshire

Sell gold and silver for cash at Jarvis Metals Limited in Shrewsbury. We guarantee the best prices in Shropshire for gold and silver jewellery, chains, and ingots.

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